Should Car Washing Be Illegal – Three Key Points

A lot of communities have begun banning washing your car with a hose on the garage. More and more communities have been adopting similar water restrictions. This is centered on car washing activities primarily because it is done outdoors and can be seen by most neighbors.

Should the local authorities strip you of the right to wash your car? After all you do pay the water bills for it. And some people argue that banning this activity is hypocritical since commercial car washes have not suffered closures as well. Find out three points that we discuss on this issue by reading on.

First of all car washing in this article’s context is defined as hosing down your car usually in your garage at a home setting. Commercial Car Washes or Professional detailing shops fall out of the scope of this article.

Point 1 – Car Wash Products Use Chemicals Harmful for the Environment

A point usually brought up by eco themed groups, a lot of car wash products do in fact contain chemicals that are harmful for our world. In response to this car care product manufacturers have launched car washes that often have chemicals still harmful for the environment but in concentrations that are deemed harmless.

Point 2 – Chemicals are going to the Rivers

In a lot of areas where car washing happen people just let water run-off into storm drains. Unlike the sewer water storm drains go to rivers and lakes. They were designed this way because they provide protection against floods. Since these storm drains are conveniently located along the streets of a garage then people inadvertently let them run-off their and into the natural bodies of water

Point 3 – Car Washing Uses Tons of Water

FACT : People do not often realize how much water they use when hosing down for a complete body wash.  As much as 150 gallons can be used up by washing a large SUV type car. If you have seen a 100 gallon aquarium you’ll realize that this amount is very large.

A lot of areas have restrictions on waters and absolutely ban all sorts of activities involved with car washing. To be sure you can call your local water district about it.

Those three points are among the most popular reasons cited by car washing should be made illegal all across most states. However there is not a crackdown on commercial car washes where car owners go to if met by home car washing restrictions.

Furthermore commercial car washes use more water and stronger chemicals than the average product a car owner can buy off the shelf. This is why man people call foul to the idea of restricted car wash at home. People often cite that storm drains should lead to a treatment plant. That would be a good idea also.

Proponents of this feel their freedom curtailed with the state imposing too much restrictions. A lot of hypocritical people often play holier than though claiming that they dump water from their car washing to their toilet. But an informal survey among them shows that most people do not do this. In fact hauling tons of water to your home toilet is seriously impractical.

The issue on illegal car washing at home is very sensitive. But slowly more and more communities adopt this green measures to help save the environment. But the same people who speak about car wash horrors drive 6-liter engine SUVs on their way to the nearest McDonalds. It is a highly sensitive topic that will surely get the attention of the world’s media sooner or later.

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