Dri Wash n Guard

DWG has made a name for its Waterless Car Wash Product, Dri Wash ‘n Guard . This company produces high tech products that have garnered a loyal following among car owners.

Dri Wash n Guard is a one step waterless car wash that not only “washes” but also polishes and protects a car’s finish. It technically is not a wax nor is it an abrasive polish. Like many waterless car washes the Dri Wash n Guard uses polymers to protect the car paint along with surface lubricants that lift off dust and other particles off the car’s paint.

Durability is always a concern when using waterless spray car washes like the Dri Wash n Guard . DWG claims that the protection the Dri Wash n Guard gives a car can last for a year!  These are pretty bold claims equaling Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell .

The nice thing about this waterless car wash though is that it can be used on glass. Not only can be applied on it but actually enhances the glass. Users claim that it protects windshields so well that any dirt that lands on a protected part will easily wipe off.

A unique thing about the Dri Wash n Guard Car wash is that it comes with its own applicator. The bottle is called an AIRosol bottle which produces a very fine mist that makes application on the car’s surface pretty uniform.

An advantage of using this product is that you can clean your car even on very cold weather. It is quite difficult to understand how products like the Dri Wash n Guard can produce amazing results on dirty cars. It even acts as a polish and protectant at the same time.

The convenience and value it brings is best for people who want the fastest way to clean their filthy vehicles in an eco friendly way. This truly is a waterless car wash product that does not require anything but a good microfiber cloth to wipe the car’s surface with. Just Spray and Wipe .


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