Car Washing Today – Throw Out the Water

Throw out the hoses and empty the buckets. Car washing today is easier than even with new age products that have gone main stream. Gone is the pre-wash, soap, rinse and dry steps that our father and grand fathers practiced for decades. This new decade will see more and more people use car wash products that come in a single This article discusses car-wash-in-a-bottle products you see on your favorite gas station and how they will take over the car wash industry. If you are interested on learning how they have started a revolution in car washing the read on!

It may surprise you to know that this type of products have been in production since the 1980s. They have not really gone main stream until a decade or two after their introduction because of a variety of reasons. Number one among them is the skepticism of car owners back then.

Back in the day people were quite wary of products which promise results that were too good to be true. And the claims of the companies that pioneered the idea of car wash in a bottle were unsuccessful in convincing them. People generally thought that they were a gimmick that did not provide substantial value. They still stuck to their laborious shampooing and drying of cars.

Because of the recent advances in dry car washing this products have become more and more impressive. They are now able to produce products that wash, dry, polish and protect your car in one single wipe. It may sound too good to be true for those who have not used it but it has been slowly gaining popularity because of the testimonials by those who have used them.

But what really catapulted these products to the forefront of car care is the professional detailers. These professionals were helped by stricter water laws that have been implemented all over the country. Because they had no choice but to use less and less water and were restricted in getting rid of it they gave bottle car washes a chance.

Soon they found out that these products were not gimmicky at all. They worked very well and they saved detailers precious time and money. The slow penetration of these products finally paid well. Because professionals used them and praised their effectiveness as an exterior car care product end users started using them as well.

The plethora of products available now is testament to the growing industry. Before we had only one or two products competing now we have dozens of them available online and over the counter. The internet has helped many budding entrepreneurs to push their very good products that they would not have been able to without it.

Now we have a very competitive market that features very good products for your car. The results are most astounding for these spray type car washes. Many people who are skeptical have joined the band wagon. Aside from the complements about their cars shine they get to feel good about using products that have some “green” on them. As we all know, the Green is In .


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